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GDC 11: Real Racing 2 HD to Take Full Advantage of iPad 2

GDC 11: Real Racing 2 HD to Take Full Advantage of iPad 2

March 8, 2011
Firemint was all ready for GDC with Agent Squeek. Then they heard about the iPad 2, and were super excited. Firemint brought Real Racing HD to the iPad, and was in the works to bring Real Racing 2 HD soon. The launch of the iPad 2 is pushing their plans back just a little, but that may not be a bad thing. If you don’t know, Real Racing 2 just may be the most technologically advanced game for iOS. It’s a realistic racing simulator with 16 cars on screen at once in the campaign mode as well as the online multiplayer. The HD version was set to have new assets but not change the engine much because the iPad doesn’t offer that much of a difference in power. Then the iPad 2 came along with a dual core chip, and an up to nine times more powerful graphics engine. Firemint is planning on making a separate build just for the iPad 2 to take advantage of the added power. This is great news to hear for any iOS gaming fans, or gaming fans in general. Firemint originally planned to release the iPad version with the iPhone version, but the work involved delayed the HD version. With the delay, they also took into consideration the potential iPad 2 and made some educated guesses at what the specs may be. Therefore, they’re further along in the process of making a game that is significantly advanced beyond what’s capable on any of the current generation hardware. Real Racing 2 looks amazing on the iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4, and I can’t imagine how much better it will look on the iPad 2. This is a game that can really start to blur the line between a mobile and console games. The iPad also offers the extremely immersive aspect of having a large screen so close to your face and also features brilliant tilt controls. The gyroscope and thinner form factor also add to the steering wheel-like experience of the game. Real Racing 2 is being pushed back a little, but hopefully, it will be well worth the wait. Check out the video below and imagine this game looking even better, and iPad-sized.

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