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GDC 11: Undead Island is Out Now for All You Platformer Fans

GDC 11: Undead Island is Out Now for All You Platformer Fans

March 8, 2011
At GDC, we sat down with Team Phobic to discuss their newest game, Undead Island, which was released last Thursday. Team Phobic has a history of making platformers, such as Bounce On 1 & 2, as well as the puzzle platformer, GravBot. Team Phobic has really figured out the controls for an iOS platformer with tilt for movement and on screen action buttons. Undead Island gives you a jump and attack button as you travel across 15 levels, with each one having multiple hidden secrets. You will need all your platforming skill and ninja reflexes to battle the zombie hordes. The game is so smooth to play, and is filled with great fine details that put it over the top. There are some 3D elements in the 2D world, and there are all kinds of nice lighting effects. When you encounter an enemy, the game automatically faces you towards the enemy so you can attack them. You can choose to just get through a level or you can opt for trying to find all the hidden areas. There are also upgrades to earn throughout the game to make you a faster and more skilled ninja. Game Center is included for online high scores and achievements, and there are three difficulties to go back and replay the levels. Undead Island (iPhone, $1.99) is a great platformer that casual and hardcore gamers can equally enjoy.

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