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GDC 11: Upcoming Releases from Crescent Moon Games

GDC 11: Upcoming Releases from Crescent Moon Games

March 7, 2011
Crescent Moon Games is responsible for some of the most expansive iOS games around. The worlds in Ravensword, Rimelands, and Aralon show that iOS games can be more than just simple, casual games. Now, Crescent Moon Games is back at it again. Their next game, Gears, is a ball rolling 3D platformer that is almost set for release. You roll along, collecting gears in various levels that include a steam punk world, a forest, and a volcano. We were able to go hands-on with Gears at GDC, and the game has brilliant touch controls which offer a ton of precision for tight movements through treacherous stretches. Tilt controls are included, but you really need the tight controls of touch. The levels are expansive and challenging and serve to completely change up the traditional Labyrinth style. The game has a deluxe 3D engine, just as you would expect from a developer like Crescent Moon. Gears is expected to be launched within the month, though we were cautioned there was no guarantee on that timeframe. We will be sure to keep you updated on what looks to be a great game. Check out Gears in this video:

The next game they showed is called Pocket RPG which is a cartoonish dungeon crawler. The game is made with more casual elements, similar to what Mika Mobile has done with Battleheart. There are virtual dual joysticks for movement and easy attack mechanics, which come in handy as you face tons of enemies. As with Gears, there is a deluxe 3D engine, and the overall art style of Pocket RPG is reminiscent of Dungeon Defenders. The game includes three character classes and randomly generated dungeon layouts for a different experience every time you play. Pocket RPG is also set to release soon. Check out Pocket RPG in this video:

Finally, Crescent Moon showed their new update for Aralon: Sword and Shadow. The update includes a new class of character known as Paladin, who is a holy knight with great melee attack skills and even the ability to call on the power of the gods! The update also includes a redesigned UI for the iPad, which results in much better gameplay. The update will also include miscellaneous bug fixes for users who have reported having issues. Crescent Moon Games is a great iOS game studio, and they continue to improve the App Store gaming catalog.

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