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GDC 11: Upcoming ZombieSmash Update is Like a Sequel, Plus a Giveaway!

GDC 11: Upcoming ZombieSmash Update is Like a Sequel, Plus a Giveaway!

March 11, 2011
While at GDC last week, we sat down with Matthias Hoechsmann of GameDoctors to find out about their future plans for ZombieSmash. They have decided to make a free update to ZombieSmash with a whole new campaign. The free update will double the amount of content in ZombieSmash with 30 new campaign levels. The update introduces Camp Nowhere, which is an abandoned prison, and there are new zombies to go with the new location. GameDoctors could have easily made a new purchasable game with all the new content. Thankfully, it's free for all ZombieSmash fans, and the update provides twice as many reasons to buy the game for those who haven't done so. When we reviewed ZombieSmash, we found it had plenty of content to make it worth the price. The original campaign has multiple objectives, and the new campaign will have the same type of variation. Not only are there 30 new levels, but there are twice as many zombie types. There are stronger zombies, randomly appearing zombies, dynamite strapped zombies, and a new boss. You get new hilarious weaponry as well that lets you strap fireworks to zombies, inflate their heads, and drop pianos on them. There has also been lots of polishes. For instance, the base degrades, there is retina artwork, there are more Game Center achievements, and the sandbox has been reworked. We got a brief demo and there is just more of the same great ZombieSmash action. The new zombie types, weaponry, and location will reignite your interest in the game. The best aspect is watching all the new ways to smash zombies. The iPad version is my preferred version, as there are more zombies on screen at once and more room to smash them. Camp Nowhere could easily have passed as a separate app. The fact that the update is free is quite amazing. The update will be coming this April to the iPhone and iPad versions of ZombieSmash. [gallery link="file" columns="4"] ***To win one of 15 ZombieSmash promo codes or 10 ZombieSmash HD promo codes simply leave a comment below or retweet this post. In your comment, please mention if you would like the iPhone or iPad version. Please leave a valid e-mail address and follow us on Twitter so we can send you the code. The contest ends Friday, March 11th, at 5 PM PST. Good Luck!

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