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iPad 2 vs. iPad 1 Showdown: Infinity Blade

iPad 2 vs. iPad 1 Showdown: Infinity Blade

March 15, 2011
Infinity Blade has been updated so that it is now optimized for the iPad 2. To say Infinity Blade on iPad 2 is beautiful is an understatement. The new graphics engine far outpaces iPad 1, which is quite a statement since Infinity Blade on iPad 1 is not exactly chopped liver. To make Infinity Blade look even better is quite an achievement, but actually seeing it in motion on iPad 2, you can't imagine looking at it in any other way. Video comparison of Infinity Blade running on iPad 2 and iPad 1:

Infinity Blade starts up quite a bit faster, and you can scroll around the environment effortlessly in real time. When you scroll on the iPad 1, the game gives you chunks and is never completely free flowing. You don't notice until you actually try the same maneuver on iPad 2. When scrolling around the environment, you see brand new details in everything from the castle to the clouds above. Every single battle runs smoother on the iPad 2 so that all the action seems faster, whether you're defending or attacking. Each enemy is in sharper contrast to the surroundings, and you see so much more details of their armor. There seems to be new animations, or maybe they are just animations I missed before. The entire time you're playing the game, you're totally engrossed by the visuals so much so that you don't want to look away. Infinity Blade doesn't look bad on the iPad 1, and in fact, looks great. Infinity Blade on iPad 2 is simply extraordinary. Even with the great beauty on screen flowing as smooth as can be, you can tell the iPad 2 isn't even breaking a sweat. I can't imagine how amazing a game would look if it pushed the iPad 2 to its limits. If you've already beaten the whole game before, it's worth playing all over again on iPad 2. Everything is improved from the visuals to the smoothness of gameplay, which, when combined, improve the whole experience greatly. Infinity Blade is an absolute must buy if you own an iPad 2, and it sits in the rarefied air of gaming anywhere. Please view the screenshots below in full size to truly see the differences between the iPad 2 and iPad 1. iPad 2 is above, and iPad 1 below.

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