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iPad 2 To Make It To RadioShack Shelves Tomorrow?

iPad 2 To Make It To RadioShack Shelves Tomorrow?

March 28, 2011
RadioShack may get their hands on the iPad 2, this rumor comes via a MacRumors reader. The blurry photo above reveals a notice from RadioShack announcing that the retailer will begin carrying the iPad 2 at 500 of its locations as of March 29.
We are thrilled that iPad 2 will be available at 500 RadioShack locations across the country starting March 29! Details have been sent to these stores.
If true, this will certainly alleviate the strain Apple is suffering right now in Apple stores. Although, adding another 500 distribution points for the device may prove to be a little more taxing on Apple in general. Either way, if you are craving an iPad 2, there is probably going to be a wait; on and offline.

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