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Party Like It's 1982: Monkey Labour Brings Old Style Gaming To iOS

Those of a certain age remember electronic handheld games that were basic compared to today's games. However, a new game, which merges old and new is now available in the App Store. And it is definitely worth a look. Gaming technology advances are nice, but sometimes less is more. This is especially true of Monkey Labour, which turns your iPhone/iPod touch or iPad into a 1980s style electronic handheld game rehash. Using simple, one colored images and minimal sound effects, Monkey Labour looks like it was created by ColecoVision or Mattel circa 1982. Instead it comes from Slovenia-based, Dawn of Play. The goal of the game is simple: Mobot the robot’s job in a production facility is in jeopardy, and unless he can make his monkey boss happy, he’ll be history and be replaced by a newer model. Unfortunately, the nasty monkey has plans of his own by putting obstacles in Mobot’s way. Monkey Labour looks so authentic, you’ll soon forget you're playing it on a iOS device. Check out this video:

Best of all, despite its appearance, the game takes advantage of modern additions such as achievements and online leaderboards. The universal Monkey Labour is available in the App Store for $.99.
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