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Snap!♥ Turns Your Photos Into Great Notes

Snap!♥ Turns Your Photos Into Great Notes

March 22, 2011
Snap! ♥ by iBrazuca icon

Snap! ♥ ($1.99) by iBrazuca is a camera app that allows you to quickly capture annotations on your photos.

I'm sure that we've come across a time when we see something out there that we need to make a note of. So what's the best way to make a note? Take a picture of course! But what about more information about that item? You can't really make notes on the photo itself - until now. It's time to meet Snap!?.

Snap! ♥ by iBrazuca screenshot

Snap is pretty much a camera replacement app. Yes, there are plenty of them out there. But this is more for practical use than artistic "wanna-be" photography.

On the first launch, the app will provide you with a basic tutorial that shows you around the app and tells you the controls and how to use it. This tutorial can also be accessed at any time from the app's own Settings.

To use Snap, you'll take a picture of anything, as you always do. There is full support for the front-facing camera of the iPhone 4 as well as the flash if you need it. The app supports tap-to-focus and even allows you to double-tap the screen to set the light exposure separately. Use the large shutter button to get your capture.

Once you get your capture, if you have it configured in the Settings, you can annotate the photo immediately after. You can type out plain text and prices, respectively. When the annotations are made on the photo, you can touch and drag them around and place them wherever you'd like on the photo. Pretty nifty, right?

If you decide to import a photo from your Photo Library to annotate, you can do so by tapping the button with the pencil. This takes you to the annotating screen, where you can select your photo from the album. Then, you simply place text or price annotations as you normally would.

Snap! ♥ by iBrazuca screenshot

Annotated photos can be shared to Twitter or Facebook, or simply emailed. By default, when you import another photo or take a new capture, your previous annotated photo will be saved to your Camera Roll.

In the Settings, you can geotag your photos as well as save high quality photos. The option for going straight to the annotation screen after getting a capture is found here, as mentioned earlier. You can also reset your Twitter and Facebook credentials here if needed.

If you aren't sure what the use of this app is, let me give you some examples: remember the names of people you just met, how much something is for good ol' comparison shopping, remember where you've been, remember where you parked your car, keep track of your favorite wines, and much more. Think of a use for this app yet?

My only complaint is that my saved photos seem to get saved into landscape orientation in my Camera Roll, despite being taken in portrait. I'm not sure why this is, but I hope the developer can look into that.

Not much else to complain about - the app does what it says! If you've ever come across a need to annotate photos, or think you could use something like this, then grab Snap!? in the App Store for $1.99.

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