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Selling iPad 2's On eBay Won't Be Easy

Selling iPad 2's On eBay Won't Be Easy

March 6, 2011
Ebay has announced iPad 2 selling guidelines, which could stymie those hoping to make quick cash on the new device. The rules set weekly limits on the number of items sellers can list on the auction site. The guidelines are almost certainly geared towards U.S. buyers trying to make a quick profit by selling the iPad 2 to customers abroad. After all, the iDevice won’t be sold in Canada and parts of Europe until March 25, which is two weeks after the U.S. launch. Those in Asian countries will likely have to wait even longer to get their hands on the newest iPad. The eBay Rules For iPad 2 Selling Authorized Apple resellers will be allowed to list up to 50 items per week on the site. Top-rated sellers are limited to four items per week. Sellers who meet the “minimum performance standards” are allowed to list just one item per week. Effectively, sellers who haven’t upset too many buyers in the past will be allowed to sell at least one iPad 2 per week. To meet the minimum standards, you’re expected to:
  • Charge reasonable shipping and handling costs.
  • Specify shipping costs and handling time in the listing.
  • Follow through on your return policy.
  • Respond to buyers' questions promptly.
  • Be helpful, friendly, and professional throughout a transaction.
  • Make sure the item is delivered to the buyer as described in the listing.
Being a top-seller means having at least 100 transactions and $3,000 in sales during the last 12 months with U.S. buyers. What do you think of these rules? Leave your comments below. [Thanks to Dan Clarke for the tip!]

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