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What Tablet Wars?

What Tablet Wars?

March 11, 2011
A new survey by ChangeWave confirms what most of us already suspected: the iPad’s reign as the top selling tablet will likely continue for years to come, no matter the number of competitors. The company recently released its findings of a February survey of 3,091 consumers on tablet demand and future buying trends. InvestorPlace first reported these results. According to the survey, 82 percent of those who expected to buy a tablet would be purchasing an iPad. Of those, 41 percent would be purchasing a Wi-Fi 3G model, compared to 28 percent who would select a Wi-Fi only model.

Of those existing iPad owners who were surveyed, 95 percent were either very satisfied (70 percent) or somewhat satisfied (25 percent) with their purchase.

These numbers suggest that would-be competitors such as RIM/BlackBerry, Motorola, and Samsung could have a difficult time gaining a foothold in the emerging tablet market at least in the short-term. Competitors are challenged in two significant ways. First, Apple has done an good job on pricing. For as little as $499, new users can purchase a tablet, while existing customers can justify each iPad upgrade. Second, the App Store has no serious competitors. Even if would-be customers were open to switching, losing those iOS apps already downloaded would be cost prohibitive. This is not to say Apple won’t be challenged in the future. Consumer tastes change, as does technology itself. Still, Apple's reign at the top will certain continue for awhile longer.

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