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1001 Crystal Mazes To Challenge Your Brain

1001 Crystal Mazes To Challenge Your Brain

April 29, 2011
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1001 Crystal Mazes ($0.99) by Selectsoft is a puzzle game that supplies an enormous amount challenges to solve. If you enjoy a good brain puzzler, this app might just be for you.

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The game consists of mazes filled with various gems. The player piece needs to push each of the gems, one at a time, through a series of ducts (avoiding other gems) to the designated collection area(s). I thought I could conquer the mazes without a problem but soon realized I was wrong. It is harder than it sounds.

I really like that there is an "undo" and a "redo" option when it comes to moves you have made. More than once I moved a gem somewhere before realizing I would get stuck in that position. The undo button was really nice, but does add time to the clock. Use it sparingly.

There is no lack of mazes, as the name reveals. Create a profile and time your progress. Challenge your own times or beat friends' scores.

A few things I hope the developer improves in future: better looking mazes (especially for the HD version), eliminate crashing. More than a handful of times when I opened the app, it crashed. Hopefully these issues will be solved in a future update. Also, an optional tutorial would be helpful. There is a help tab if you need it, but I couldn't figure out how to play on my own.

If you enjoy puzzlers, 1001 Crystal Mazes will no doubt challenge your problem-solving skills. Put your brain to the test and see if you have what it takes to conquer all 1001.

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