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3D Music Pro: 3D Stereo Sound On Your iPhone?

3D Music Pro: 3D Stereo Sound On Your iPhone?

April 26, 2011
3D Music Player Pro by DigitalCoolio Inc icon

3D Music Player Pro ($2.99) by DigitalCoolio Inc tries to turn iPhone speakers into more advanced sound emitters. Does it work? Is it really possible for a few megabytes of software to dramatically change the hardware that is in our iOS devices?

3D Music Player Pro by DigitalCoolio Inc screenshot

The developer describe the sound their app produces as "3D stereo sound." I was not sure what to expect. When first opening the app I was asked to add songs to the playlist within the app. I could could search my songs by title, artist, genre or album.

Adding songs was simple. Once I assembled the ones I wanted to hear in the 3D Music Pro player, I simply had to touch on a song in the list for it to begin to play. I did notice a difference, not an astounding one, but the sound was definitely enhanced.

There are presets such as studio, concert hall and stadium. If these do not suit your fancy, you can go in and tweak levels until your heart is content. Control speed, equalizers and variable range.

The "3D" effect can also carry through many speakers with docking mode. Not all speakers will oblige, but many will.

The biggest complain most users have is that there is currently no ability to multitask. The developer promises this is coming soon. Also, I do think this app is a bit pricey since the effect is just good and not an earth-shattering one.

If you are not satisfied with the sound quality of your iOS devices speakers, this might be the answer you have been waiting for. Enhance and control the way your favorite songs sound.

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