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Action RPG Third Blade Hits The App Store

Action RPG Third Blade Hits The App Store

April 26, 2011
If you enjoy hack 'n slash games with RPG elements then you may enjoy Com2uS' newest title, Third Blade. Third Blade is a Korean action RPG with a twist. The game is not so much story driven, or heavy on level-grinding gameplay -- as is the case with many Korean action RPGs -- but on hack 'n slash action with a heavy focus on weapon wielding. As you can see from the screenshot, the weapons in this game are quite massive and intimidating. There are three different wielding methods ranging from dual-wield, one-handed wield, and wielding a two-handed blade as well. If you remember the Dungeons & Dragons arcade games from the 90s you should know what type of gameplay to expect in Third Blade; but with a mix of anime-style animation. Here are some more features listed on the app's description:
Feature 1) 3 Weapons Used in Thrilling Action - Dual Wield : You can get damaged but can attack enemies with rapid-fire speed as well - One-handed Blade : Longer attack time than Dual Wield. The most safest and effective way to attack - Two-handed Sword : Big and heavy, yet makes the most powerful and strongest damage 2) Various Skills with 3 Enhancement Combo Stages - Each unique weapon holds different skills. Try to add the skill you want the most! - Experience the 3 enhancement stages for each combo gauge’s unique change! Stage 1 : Normal Attacks Stage 2 : Faster Attacks in each weaponry Stage 3 : Accelerated Attacks with a decrease in Skill Cool-time! 3) Another Feature—Upgrades available in Markets! - Make your weapon even more Powerful! Destroy all enemies with a stronger weapon! - Buy skills and cast various skills on your enemy! 4) Other Excitements! - Normal Mode and Arcade Mode that has Training Room, Prison, Tower of Time, and more! 5) Other exciting updates will be available SOON! 6) Supported in English and Korean
Third Blade is currently available on the App Store for $2.99.

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