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Augmented Reality With Real Map Plus

Augmented Reality With Real Map Plus

April 13, 2011
Real Map Plus by Byungil Park icon

Real Map Plus ($0.99) by Byungil Park is an augmented reality app that uses your exact location and camera to capture and share real time images of where you are. The app is split into a camera view on the top of the screen and a map of your current location on the bottom, and the map can also be changed to satellite image or hybrid map views. The app also allows users to share via Twitter, email, and even SMS.

Real Map Plus by Byungil Park screenshot

When sharing a location, the app sends not only the address, but also actual latitude and longitude coordinates. It even sends a link to the exact spot on Google Maps. While viewing through the camera, the app displays the current location at the top of the screen by showing the address and coordinates.

Another great feature is the way the position of the map moves to adjust for which direction the user is facing. This could be very useful for taking pictures and documenting a trail or path, and could assist with documenting landmarks or something similar.

The app lacks the ability to sync with Facebook, and would be great to see some form of integration with Facebook’s check in feature. One possible idea would be to design the app so that when you share a location and post it, the app shares all the additional info on Facebook as well.

Overall, Real Map Plus has a handful of neat features to offer and is something relatively new to the app store. For those interested in map apps and augmented reality features, this is definitely worth checking out.

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