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Beat Cut The Rope? Then Check Out Drop The Chicken

Beat Cut The Rope? Then Check Out Drop The Chicken

April 8, 2011
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Drop The Chicken ($0.99) by Sharp Creative Agency is a new puzzle game filled with innovative and exciting gameplay. It combines an excellent physics engine with challenging levels and sharp graphics for a great experience. Users will guide their chicken through various paths and through numerous obstacles to get their chicken in its nest.

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Drop the Chicken is very similar to another title where users must cut a rope and guide a piece of candy into a creature's mouth, but the difference is that you’re dropping a chicken and guiding it into a nest. Does anybody see the similarity?

Now we all remember how successful “Cut The Rope” was, so I’m sure nobody is surprised to see another developer copying the idea. Taking a game concept and renovating it for a new audience and platform isn’t a bad idea, and I definitely don’t discourage it. However, literally copying the concepts, challenges, and almost the entire idea really should violate some kind of copyright.

Drop the Chicken is a fun corky game that involves literally dropping a chicken and creating a path to its nest. Users will encounter bombs, bouncing bars, conveyor belts, and all sorts of random objects to help lead your chicken to their nest. But it doesn’t stop there; the game has tons of things to help get your chicken to its nest. All of the non-dangerous objects are movable, with the exception of a few. The game uses simple tap and drag controls and is easily playable for any age group.

Overall, for $.99 there really isn’t anything negative about the game other than the lack of originality. Honestly, the game is polished up very well and does offer 60 levels and even a few bonus levels. If you’ve beaten all the levels on “Cut The Rope” and you're looking for a similar puzzle game, then definitely check out Drop The Chicken.

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