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Bug Heroes Gets Updated And Goes Free

Bug Heroes Gets Updated And Goes Free

April 14, 2011
Do you remember that excellent hero-based bug game that fuses tower defense, RPG and dual-stick-shooter elements together? Yea that was Bug Heroes, a title many compared to Dungeon Defenders due to the similar action-packed gameplay, character control and genre-mixing. The game has just received a massive updated to 2.0 and can be downloaded for free right now (maybe only for a limited time). Bug Heroes by Foursaken Media is a Universal App that usually sells for $1.99 on the App Store, so this is a great offer if you were on the fence -- after all it's better to lose nothing than two whopping dollars right? Along with the update came six new hero classes to try out that are offered as an in app purchase (IAP). Each hero in the game has unique attributes and strategies. This is one of the many appeals of the title -- that you can play it in so many different ways by mixing three heroes together as you defend. The three optional IAPs aren't limited to just new heroes though, they also include new levels, weapons, and enemy types. Along with the update many other bug fixes and additions have also been added. Bug Heroes has slick presentation, charm, and lasting appeal. Be sure to pick it up and try it for yourself. In my opinion this is one of those games that defines the iOS platform for gamers. Bug Heroes is available on the App Store now, free of charge.

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