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Civil War App To Update Daily Until 2015

Civil War App To Update Daily Until 2015

April 13, 2011
The History Channel has released a sensational iPad app, The Civil War Today, 150 years in the making. Unlike other Civil War apps currently on the market, this one is unique because it presents the history of the conflict as if it were happening right now to the day. By using original documents, photos, maps, diary entries, quotes and newspaper broadsheets, The Civil War Today app retells the history of America’s greatest conflict in newspaper format. As such, the app is ever changing, offering fresh content each day. Between now and April 26, 2015, readers will gain access to stories “from the battlefield,” which occurred exactly 150 years ago to the day. Included each day will be:
  • Quote of the Day - Read compelling quotations from the men and women who lived through the war.
  • In the Headlines - Explore every page of historic newspapers from each day of the conflict.
  • Day in the Life - Through their letters and personal diaries, follow the lives of 15 people who experienced the Civil War firsthand.
  • Photo Gallery- 
Check out a stunning collection of original images from the period in high-resolution.
  • By the Numbers- 
Get a unique spin on the war through surprising facts and figures.
  • Battle Maps - Follow in the soldiers’ footsteps with historic battlefield maps.
  • Casualty Counter - Measure the true cost of the war through the lives that were lost.
  • North South Quiz - Test your Civil War knowledge with the daily North vs. South quiz.
  • Game Center Integration - Earn Civil War era appropriate achievements for your engagement with the application.
Keep in mind, like with a regular newspaper, the information presented here will not be updated until the event of the day actually "happens.” For example, the famous Battle of Gettysburg didn’t occur until July 1, 1863. As such, events of that day will not “occur” in the app until July 1, 2013. While some may disagree with this approach (after all, you must pay $7.99 now for content some of which, won’t be delivered for four years), I found the concept enjoyable. The Civil War Today is available in the App Store. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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