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Create A Website Instantly From Your iPhone With Zapd

Create A Website Instantly From Your iPhone With Zapd

April 15, 2011
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Zapd (Free) by PressPlane Inc. is an app that allows you to build a website with no computer or coding required. You only need your iPhone. Learning HTML is “zapped” out of existence with Zapd. This simple website builder will get your site live in under 5 minutes. The application says 60 seconds, which is probably pushing it, but compared to other web publishers, it is quite speedy.

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At first I was wondering why this app is free, considering the features. By signing up (which is still free), you will receive a sub-domain and a live website. Plus, there is no limit to how many Zapd sites you can create. It appears the developer will soon provide premium themes that will be available for purchase and the ability to create a custom domain. This may explain why the app is currently free, in hopes that you will like Zapd enough to purchase future enhancements for your site.

Zapd by PressPlane Inc. screenshot

At this writing, Zapd is not a full-featured website builder. It only allows for the posting of articles, pictures and links. To set up a new site, simply choose a theme, upload your information and publish. It is very simple to use, as there are three uploading widgets to choose from: text, photo or link. The photo widget will open your camera so you can take a picture, or you can choose one from your library. The link widget allows another external website to be posted within your site. It is fairly easy to go back in and edit the site and delete any unwanted posts, pictures or links. Within just a few seconds, the site is live with its own personal URL. The URL address is a little strange, but it sounds likes a custom URL tool will be available in a future update.

For the simple blogger, Zapd may be a great alternative to other blog sites. The simplicity of uploading directly from your iPhone or iPad might make sense for some. However, if you are not a blogger, this application may just take up space in your iTunes library. If you enjoy posting so your friends can see what you are doing, this app is somewhat limited compared to other social networking sites.

If you have never created a website, Zapd might be a fun way to enter into the world of website development! (Yeah, that's a picture of my pooch!)

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