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Final Fantasy III Coming To iPad April 21

Final Fantasy III Coming To iPad April 21

April 17, 2011
The remake of a remake of a remake (you get the idea); Final Fantasy 3 ($15.99), was recently released for the iPhone, courtesy of Square-Enix, in full 3D form (like the Nintendo DS version). The game is one in a long-running series of epic role playing games that defines the RPG genre. However, despite the title being ported to the iPhone, an iPad version was nowhere to be found, until now. The iPad HD version is coming Thursday, April 21, according to the Square-Enix Facebook page. The game has been generating a lot of buzz among RPG fans because it is a standalone Final Fantasy, and also because of its steep price. The iPhone version costs $15.99 and has never dropped in price. Considering Square-Enix iPad games are usually more expensive, how much should we expect the iPad version to cost? If you are new to the series, it is worth noting that both remakes of Final Fantasy ($8.99) and Final Fantasy 2 ($8.99) are also available on the App Store and actually look good scaled up on the iPad. It seems Square-Enix is releasing the games in chronological order. What is your favorite game in the series? Are you looking forward to this release? If not, which Final Fantasy title should Square-Enix port next? Most Final Fantasy fans would probably say either VI or VII are their favorite, but IV is a cult hit as well and hopefully that will be Square-Enix's next project.

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