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Flick And Kick Your Way Through Chelsea's Football Club

Flick And Kick Your Way Through Chelsea's Football Club

April 13, 2011
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Flick Kick Chelsea ($0.99) by PikPok is a new football (soccer) game for iPhone and the iPad. Unfortunately, it isn’t a full-fledged football game. Instead, it focuses on shooting the ball, and the game revolves around mastering your shot. There are numerous obstacles and challenges throughout the game. Users will encounter anything from moving targets to complicated curved shots.

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The controls are incredibly simple. A simple flick will get you started, but to really master the game, users must learn to flick and curve the ball. Furthermore, users can extend their flicks for a longer and more powerful shot.

The game offers several modes that include practice, arcade, bullseye, time attack, and skillshot. The most common mode is arcade, where the shots become progressively harder and users try to achieve a high score without loosing. This mode involves shooting the ball around players and into the goal and does not have a time limit. However, some of the more complex game types like bullseye involve much more accuracy; though in this mode, the time is limited.

The game engine feels very similar to another popular title, Paper Toss. However, in Flick Kick Chelsea there is much more customization to the controls. Not just the controls were customized though. The game also has much more to offer, such as multiplayer and numerous game modes. Users also have the ability to showcase their accuracy and speed through GameCenter and OpenFeint. The game not only supports GameCenter and OpenFeint leaderboards, but it also has 40 achievements built into GameCenter.

Overall, this is Chelsea Football Club’s very own version of the number one UK Paid App, Flick Kick Football, and it is making a huge impression in the App Store, even earning a spot in New and Noteworthy. Best of all, for a limited time only, it can be purchased at half price, so hurry up and grab this one before this offer slips away.

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