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Gears Rolls Out On The App Store

Gears Rolls Out On The App Store

April 28, 2011
Following a recent announcement from Crescent Moon Games, Gears for iOS has finally landed on the App Store and comes every bit as polished and intriguing as the previews promised. Gears is a ball-rolling game set in a steampunk universe full of gears and machines to maneuver around. The atmosphere alone warrants a purchase especially at the game's $.99 entry price, even if you're not a fan of the genre. Ball-rolling games are generally tilt-based but this game has other control options like using finger swipes to move the ball along. There are also be various settings to play around with in order for the game to be as responsive as you want it to be. As for longevity, there are four difficulty settings to ease you in, a total of 27 levels from the get-go and three unique worlds to explore. Gears is a universal app, so it looks great on every iDevice and in particular on the iPad 2 thanks to special enhancements. It goes for a discounted launching price of $.99 starting now.

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