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Geom-e-Tree Combines Art And Math - Plus, Win A Copy!

April 17, 2011
Geom-e-Tree by John Miller icon

Geom-e-Tree ($1.99) by John Miller is a truly mesmerizing math and art app you won't be able to put down. When I first launched it, I was skeptical, but it quickly won me over and I toyed with it longer than I expected to.

Geom-e-Tree by John Miller screenshot

Upon first opening the Geom-e-Tree or Geom-e-Twee apps, you will get a quick tutorial. Soon, you will know just how to pinch and spread, stroke, double-tap and single tap to change the pattern of the tree to create an endless series of geometrical trees and shapes.

Once you create a shape you especially like, save it to your "tree farm" or share it with someone else. Once it's saved, you can go back and morph it into another beautiful shape.

The visuals of this app feel a little like a kaleidoscope. Adjust and create until your heart's content.

In just minutes I was filling up the Arboretum (or, as I like to call it, the "tree farm"). Once each tree was completed, I could also check the stats like, the number of branches, angle between each branch and the common ratio. I feel just a little smarter now.

Geom-e-Twee is the kiddie version of Geom-e-Tree. The trees in this version are green and the lines are thicker. There's really no minimum age for Geom-e-Twee as long as a parent can guide the child how to control the morphing of the shapes. My three-year-old kept yelling "Tree! Tree!" and was upset when it was time to put the iPad away.

I love the fact that their is a version for kids and a version for adults - though, my kids were fine with both. The controls are easy to learn and the app is very responsive to even slight adjustments.

I would have loved to see variances of color in these first versions, but that is not yet available. The developer assures us that color integration is in the works and hopefully will release in an upcoming update.

I am pleased to tell you that Geom-e-Twee is FREE through the rest of this month. It will no longer be free as of June 1 - pick it up now before it's too late!

As for Geom-e-Tree, we have teamed with the developer to offer two promo codes to two lucky winners. If you would like to win a copy of this universal app, simply post a witty comment below about why you want Geom-e-Tree. The two wittiest comments will win. Contest ends April 20th at 12 PM EST.

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