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Give Your Brain And Fingers A Workout With Woozzle

Give Your Brain And Fingers A Workout With Woozzle

April 15, 2011
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Woozzle ($0.99) by Flash Technical is the perfect challenge for gamers who love to solve puzzles. I am a big fan of puzzle games and did not know if Woozzle would be challenging enough to keep me busy. I soon found out, It is challenging alright, and I felt like I needed an extra brain just to keep up.

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Woozzle combines colored marbles with colored wheels. Place the colored marbles in the wheels of the same color (four marbles fit in a wheel). Each marble must be directed through a series of ducts and sometimes several wheels before arriving at its final destination. Sound easy? Well, it's most definitely not. Turning the wheels to open ducts for new marbles, and tossing marbles from one wheel to another starts out simple then gets very complicated and will challenge your logic skills from level one.

If you enjoyed Trainyard, then Woozzle is right up your alley. The controls are somewhat similar and the puzzles are reminiscent of Trainyard. Woozzle, however, is more fun and will keep you coming back for more.

Solve the puzzle quickly and your score will be high. See your rank on leader boards and keep track of your achievements in Game Center.

The graphics are gorgeous and jungle-like. There are 60 brain-teasing levels to work through as well as 60 achievements to earn. Woozzle promises hours of challenge and fun. It's available for iPhone and iPad and looks beautiful on both.

My one complaint is that the tutorial at the beginning could have been a little more thorough or easy to understand. It took me a minute or two to understand the controls.

Woozzle is the perfect game for the intelligent gamer who likes a good challenge and wants a lot of bang for their buck. Exciting updates are coming soon, including a feature that will let you edit your own levels!

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