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Handwrite Notes With eNote Taker

Handwrite Notes With eNote Taker

April 15, 2011
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eNote Taker ($1.99) by Time Base Technology Limited is a simple new productivity app. It creates handwritten notes on the iPad and creates notebooks that can be exported through iTunes and email. The app is very fun to use, a little too fun for a productivity app.

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When users first open the app, a tutorial notebook is available for users to read. Here the developers have outlines many of the app’s features. It is very nicely put together and helps first-time users figure out the controls. Be warned, the tutorial looks a lot nicer than most notes you will be able to create.

The app has a very responsive interface that is a pleasure to use. It allows users to create customizable notebooks where they can take notes. There are several different pen size and color options as well as highlighter features. There are eraser, undo, and redo options. The page backgrounds can be plain, lined, or have a grid. The app does not have a keyboard so all the notes must be handwritten. I personally do not find this very practical; it is much faster to type than write.

The app allows users to import PDF files and write notes on them. I like this feature the most. It also allows created notebooks to be exported through iTunes or attached to an email. Here the developers should add additional options like a drop box function.

My first impression was that the app should be a doodle app and not a productivity app. Although writing with your fingers is entertaining, it is realistically not a very effective way of taking legible notes on an iPad. If users want to use eNote Taker for this purpose I suggest they invest in a stylus. However, the app does have redeeming qualities as a productivity app, the ability to annotate PDF documents is especially useful. Either way, I find eNote Taker a fine addition to an iPad.

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