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Heineken Marries Soccer & Augmented Reality In One Neat iOS App

Heineken Marries Soccer & Augmented Reality In One Neat iOS App

April 28, 2011
Heineken has just released a soccer (or football) game called Heineken Star Player on the App Store. The gist of the game is to let you bet on actions that occur during live soccer matches. After a match concludes, the points earned from correct guesses are shown. You tally up your points at the end of the match to see how well you did. Some of the outcomes and possible guesses would be predicting whether a goal is scored or a save occurs -- or whether the ball gets cleared from an attack on the ball. The questions and outcomes will vary depending on the game, but the app is designed to work alongside UEFA Champions League matches. According to PocketGamer, there are social and drinking aspect to the game; as well as fantasy football matches to play out.
"There's also a social element to Heineken Star Player, with the ability to compete against friends in one-off games or leagues, and to share results (and some trash-talk) over Facebook..."
Also, when there is not much occurring during the live match, Heineken Star Player will ask you random trivia questions to keep you entertained. Answering these questions will also earn you some points. This is a game that gambling junkies and sports fans should definitely enjoy. If you are a Brit who is big on football, you should definitely give it a try. Make sure you have a strong battery charge and a good connection to play, as live soccer matches are 90 minutes each. You can grab Heineken Star Player for the iPhone right now on the App Store for free.

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