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Hidden Object Crosswords: A New Twist On Two Popular Games

Hidden Object Crosswords: A New Twist On Two Popular Games

April 29, 2011
Hidden Object Crosswords by Dekovir, Inc. icon

Hidden Object Crosswords ($4.99) by Dekovir, Inc. manages to combine two enjoyable games into one: seek-and-find with crossword puzzles. This may seem like an odd combination at first, but once you jump into the game it makes perfect sense.

Hidden Object Crosswords by Dekovir, Inc. screenshot

Since Hidden Object Crosswords is a new concept, there is a helpful tutorial when a player first runs the application. A crossword puzzle comes up over a lovely scene. You tap a word in the puzzle, read the hint, then open the full view of the picture to find the object that answers the hint. Touch the object and the word will be filled in. In short, read the clue, think of the answer, then find the object in the picture that answers the question.

The faster your time and the less hints you use the better your score. If you tap around the picture enough times without luck in finding the object you are seeking, a butterfly begins floating across the screen. If you want a letter hint, touch the butterfly and one of the letters in the word will be filled in. If you need a hint, a section of sparkling light will appear over the object you are looking for.

The pictures are really lovely and well-done. Some even have subtle animations (such as glowing particles of dust floating in the air) and sometimes finding the objects is quite challenging.

The app includes 50 levels which is more than enough to keep anyone occupied for a while. My one complaint is the price point - I would like to see it come down a dollar or so, but even at its current price it will not feel like a waste of money. There is a lot of good content. I would also love to see a simplified children's version in the future.

What do you think of this concept of combining the challenge to find hidden objects in conjunction with the answer to a crossword riddle? I would love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

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