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Leak: Is This iOS 5? (Videos)

Leak: Is This iOS 5? (Videos)

April 19, 2011
The folks behind Tinhte have released two videos allegedly showing a test version of iOS 5.0. This news was first uncovered by Engadget, which says Tinhte “has a track record of getting its hands on Apple gear ahead of the pack.” Meaning, this could be the real deal. The demo, which surprisingly is that of a white iPhone 4, includes a new “Search iPhone” dialog box at the very top. This replaces the left swipe functionality of the current iOS. However, the most significant change is how iOS handles the multitasking menu. Instead of showing open programs with app icons, iOS 5 represents them with a visual of each app’s open menu. Take a look:


It should also be noted the alleged iPhone 4 demoed includes 64GB in storage capacity. This is a nice bump from the current 16GB and 32GB models. According to MacStories, the videos actually show an iPhone 4 running an old internal build of iOS 4.0, carrying build number 8A216. This could mean the videos are  showing features Apple eventually dropped, or the numbers were deliberately changed to hide the fact this was indeed iOS 5.0. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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