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Meet Your Next Notebook: ThinkBook for iPad

Meet Your Next Notebook: ThinkBook for iPad

by DM
April 29, 2011
We all keep a lot of notes. And if you’re like most iPad users, you’ve already picked a side when it comes to your organizer of choice. After all, notebook-style apps are such an obvious fit for the iPad that they appeared in droves on launch day, and haven’t stopped coming since. But there are always new and remarkably innovative organizers arriving on the app store. Case in point: the all-new ThinkBook by Bitolithic. ThinkBook, even at version 1.0.1, boasts a beautiful design and a rich set of useful features. For starters, there’s the universal “slider”— a kind of shelf for storing objects— which lets you quickly grab a bunch of pages, notes, or even individual items and drop them wherever you want to, anywhere in your library. It's a unique and practical idea, reminiscent of Apple's "other tablet", the 1993 Newton MessagePad (RIP). If you think that’s cool, you’ll probably love the Finder Notes, a special kind of note that creates living, breathing “dashboard” views of your data. Set one up to monitor your projects and “bubble” your incomplete work to the surface; set up another to see which questions weren’t answered during the last lecture, or which chapters weren’t covered in the last class. (If you’ve used Tinderbox, you know how useful this sort of “assisted thinking” is.) ThinkBook also makes it a breeze to organize your notes, with gesture-based outlining/indenting and a freeform tagging system that lets you tag anything, anywhere. Tags are automatically inherited, which means your projects and assorted tasks are neatly organized before you even start working. And the Dropbox integration, super-fast search, and custom keyboard (complete with word-jump, note-jump and New Item buttons) let you find things quickly, build outlines fast, and keep it all in sync. Couple all this with a sleek, color-coordinated interface (featuring a custom theme to match your black or white iPad), and you’ve got the makings of a new note-taking superstar. ThinkBook is available on the App Store for $1.99 USD.

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