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Metroidvania - Style Platformer Elemental Rage

Metroidvania - Style Platformer Elemental Rage

April 25, 2011
The iOS gaming space isn't showing any signs of slowing down this week with yet another great platformer to keep you busy making it to the store. Elemental Evil and Elemental Evil HD for the iPad offer what is commonly (or maybe not) known as "Metroidvania" gameplay. It's a genre of 2d platforming title, but with lots of explorations and various corridors, doorways and pathways to uncover. You can move in and out of rooms and there are various floor levels to explore as well. On your way you will be collecting items and upgrading your hero. As you can guess, the name of the genre, Metroidvania, was derived from two of the most famous titles in video game franchise history -- Metroid by Nintendo and Castlevania by Konami. Elemental Rage follows this formula, but the protagonist is a young-looking spirit guide named Huna; instead of a badass action hero in a suit or carrying a whip. The game still offers a magical story full of intrigue and mystery, however, so don't let the title's appearance full you. There are a lot of platformers on the App Store but this is the first to my knowledge with such open-ended gameplay. So it might be worth a detour. Look for Elemental Rage on the App Store for $4.99 and Elemental Rage HD for $6.99.

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