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Mos Speedrun Adds To The Growing List Of Retro-Style Games

Mos Speedrun Adds To The Growing List Of Retro-Style Games

April 30, 2011
Mos Speedrun by Physmo icon

Mos Speedrun ($1.99) by Physmo brings another retro-style game to the top of the charts in iTunes. If the original Nintendo game system with Mario or Donkey Kong was once your favorite pastime, you may have a hard time turning off Mos Speedrun.

Mos Speedrun by Physmo screenshot

The idea of this game is to “speedrun” through the level, avoiding things like zombies, poisonous plants and bees. On your way, pick up gold coins and run cautiously around the water features. You can go into the water, but watch your oxygen level so you don’t drown. Once you get through the level, you are awarded different icons depending on your accomplishments. At anytime, you can go back and replay a level, in hopes of beating your previous score. A unique feature to Mos Speedrun includes a “two button control system.” This replicates some of the original video game systems, and requires one thumb to jump and the other to run. There are 20 different levels that will continue to challenge your hand and eye coordination. This game is supported in Game Center, so you can share achievements with your friends.

Mos Speedrun has some silly features that make the game a little more interesting. If you don’t make it through a level, little ghosts will follow along next time. Every time you fail, a new ghost will be added. If you are having difficulty with a level, you may have several ghosts jumping around you. If this is distracting, you have the option to turn them off, but I think they were sort of fun. Also, when the zombie catches you, he cracks a creepy little smile.

Mos Speedrun by Physmo screenshot

If you look closely at your screen, you will notice it is framed to look like an old tube TV. This adds a look of nostalgia on your modern device. If you like retro graphics of years gone by, Mos Speedrun does a nice job. The music is an old chiptune that sounds a like a screechy guitar. All these retro elements will bring you right back to the innocent late night parties in the 80’s.

Mos Speedrun will surely appeal to a broad audience. Some may enjoy memorizing a level and making sure to pick up all the tokens along the way. Each time a level is played, the goal is to go faster and faster trying to beat your best time and earn the hourglass icon at the end of the level. Others may enjoy the game in a more casual manner, while taking their time to complete each level. Speed does not have to be a factor and excitement can still be found in successfully completing each level. Either way you play, Mos Speedrun is very addictive and fun.

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