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Noir Gives Amateur Photographers Another Reason To Think They Are Pros

Noir Gives Amateur Photographers Another Reason To Think They Are Pros

April 22, 2011
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Noir Photo ($2.99) by Red Giant Software is a photo manipulation app that specializes in focusing light on specific areas of your photos. It is a universal app and supports up to four megapixel picture output.

Noir Photo by Red Giant Software screenshot

There are low end photo apps and then there are high end photo apps. Noir is the latter. Then again, there are feature packed apps such as Camera+ and then there are more focused apps. Again, Noir is the latter.

Noir does its work simply and in record time. Grab a picture from the camera roll and apply one of four preset filters. From there you can adjust the light focus, contrast and inner and outer exposures to perfect the look. You can also chose from four shades to control the mood.

The results are mostly wonderful. As you can see from my examples from my own camera roll (as always I only use photos I have taken with my phone) simple pictures are turned near professional in seconds. I would imagine that this app in better trained hands would produce even more impressive results.

Still, if you are looking for something with more options, Noir probably isn’t for you. This app is built to quickly and beautifully augment the light of your precious stills. There isn’t even a color wheel or saturation option if you want to veer from the standard four tints. Another smaller issue I had was that portrait photos are turned sideways and when you rotate the phone two of the buttons rotate with it but the dials remain facing the wrong direction.

Oh, and the price is the final statement (for better or worse) that this app is above other, more popular apps.

Essentially Noir is a premier app that produces professional photos at a premium price. Pros and amateurs will fall in love with what Noir can do, but if you aren’t serious about photography, there are dozens of options that will give you more features for less cash.

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