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Get Nostalgic With Vintage Radio Lite

Get Nostalgic With Vintage Radio Lite

April 27, 2011
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Vintage Radio Lite ($0.99) by Orion Internet Services, LLC makes vintage radio shows available on your iPhone. The shows are hand-picked and there are dozens of shows and over 1,000 episodes to choose from. The developer has been in the business of providing hard core old time radio listeners with all the content they could wish for and is now bringing their robust library to iOS users. This app is the prequel to a full version that will feature much more.

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Though I majored in speech and drama in college and usually try to avoid melodrama, I have always been a pushover for old time radio. It sucks me in and I love the cheesy drama it offers. My husband always has a good laugh when he walks into the room and I am doing dishes and listening to old time radio. Though I am in my 20's I am in love with vintage America.

Vintage Radio Lite has carefully selected some of the most popular shows of America past, and makes them available in America present. Choose a genre (adventure, comedy, crime-detective, drama, music, mystery and more). You will see which shows they have available for each genre, then will be taken to a list of episodes. The episodes available are not exhaustive, but still a decent selection is offered to choose from.

Once you have chosen an episode, touch play. The episode takes a few seconds to buffer but the download process is quick and you can soon skip ahead if you would like. Once you have downloaded the episode, it is available to listen to without an internet connection. While listening you can offer feedback about the episode's quality or email the episode to a friend. The app supports multitasking, so feel free to listen while you catch up on emails or read the news.

I was pleased with the decent selection, but was sad to see it does not currently offer some of my favorite old time shows "The Whistler," or "The Great Gildersleeve."

This lite version is a great start. The developer promises that the full version is going to be very robust, offer thousands more episodes and possibly even some video in future updates. This is something to get excited about.

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