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Par Out Golf: A Golf Game For The Rest Of Us

Par Out Golf: A Golf Game For The Rest Of Us

April 25, 2011
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Par Out Golf ($1.99) by Endless Wave Software LLC is a new twist on an old favorite. The gameplay is unique and fun for even non-golfers like me.

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Par Out Golf is colorful and engaging from the start. Your caddy is a Scottish character who helps guide you through a quick and easy tutorial. Thankfully, he picks out clubs for you, but, if you know what your are doing when it comes to picking clubs, you can pick your own.

How is this game unique? Let me walk you through a hole. First, you get an overhead view of the hole. Look at it as long as you would like. When you are ready to swing, hold your finger down on the ball and wait for clouds to engulf the entire view of the course. Once the clouds have consumed the screen you will be asked to "Draw" a line for the ball to follow toward the hole. After you let your finger up, the ball will follow the line you drew.

Wind speed and direction add a fun twist and affect your swing. Also, you cannot travel over trees; you must direct the ball around them.

Play on your own, or add up to four players for a great pass 'n play challenge. Even challenge friends in GameCenter. I am very glad the developers added this social aspect to the game. Just like real golf, it is much better when shared with friends for that competitive element.

I did have some trouble with the game freezing up when I tried to take screen shots and had to keep closing out of it and restarting the application. I had no trouble with it when I was not taking screenshots, so most players probably will not experience this issue.

Par Out Golf is a delightfully engaging game for golfers and non-golfers alike. Are you good at remember a course blindly?

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