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The Pro Chefs Show You How It's Done In The Video Cookbook

The Pro Chefs Show You How It's Done In The Video Cookbook

April 14, 2011
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The Video Cookbook ($5.99) by Futura Group is an incredible resource for those of us who like more than just words on a page to help us understand how to make a recipe look like the picture in the book. I get very frustrated when I see a picture of a recipe that looks great, then proceed to notice how long the instructions are. I much prefer watching chefs on tv show me how it's done.

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The Video Cookbook has two goals in mind: 1) getting professional, delicious, gourmet recipes on your iOS device and, 2) providing videos of professional chefs showing you just how to prepare the featured recipes. This app contains 120 videos of instruction - no small number! The videos are very easy to follow and go at a pace that is easy to follow along.

I'm very impressed with this app - there are so many professional techniques I've never known how to accomplish, but this app gives me the instruction I need to accomplish great tasting and great looking food

When you enter a recipe, there are some other great features (other than the video, step-by-step guides). When you first set up the app, you have the option of having imperial or metric system so it's a global resource. You can also adjust the numbers of servings you need and this will automatically adjust how much of each ingredient you need. As far as grocery shopping goes you can easily make a list with the touch of an icon (and even organize the list according to item or recipe).

My one complaint is that the videos can take a moment to load at times. The lag isn't terrible, but noticeable (and, yes, we have very speedy wifi).

What can we look forward to in future updates of The Video Cookbook? The developer told us, "...New recipe categories for Patisserie (already filmed with an amazing M.O.F. French Pastry chef), Special Diets and Aussie bush tucker." There's lots more content coming, so you will be getting even more for your money. This wonderful resource is only going to get better from here on out.

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