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Grades 2 Helps Students Stay On Track For Success With Their iPhone

Grades 2 Helps Students Stay On Track For Success With Their iPhone

April 7, 2011
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Grades 2 (Free) by Tapity is an app to help students keep track of their studies and find out what scores they need to get the best possible grade.

Being a student is stressful. We have to balance our studies on top of work and family and friends, which can result in a very hectic lifestyle. So it's hard to keep track of the grades you need to still do well in your class, right? Fortunately, there is an app for that, with the new Grades 2.

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When Grades 2 is launched, the first thing you'll want to do is to enter in your classes and syllabus items pertaining to each. The app allows you to enter in the amount, type of item (quiz, grade, essays, etc), and a percent or point value. The app can automatically detect if the value you entered is a percent or point value by the amount you enter. So if an item is 5% of the total class grade, you can just put a 5 and it will be saved as a percent. If something is worth 200 points, entering a 200 will save it as points. You can't mix and match the percentages and point values though, so make sure you just stick with one (most syllabi should have both though, from my experience anyways).

Once you get all the items entered, it can be saved and it will appear in a list for the selected class. From here, you will see each item listed with the percentage or point value, and what grade you will need to obtain on each item for your target grade (default is set to 90/100, but you can adjust this). When you enter in your earned values, the rest of the needed requirements for incomplete items will change, depending on your target grade.

If you have an upcoming item, you can assign a due date to it by tapping the clock icon that appears next to it. Any upcoming items due within the week will be able to be viewed by pulling the screen down - these items will reside above the Classes list.

In the Classes list, you can see your current percentage in the class. This is great to track your progress and make sure that you can get enough studying for the next quiz or exam. There is also a GPA Calculator that can calculate your GPA by combining it from the previous semester or year and the current one.

If you owned the previous Grades 1, then you can import your data over. Grades 2 is free with ad-support, though you can remove the ads with an in-app purchase of $0.99.

For those that are students, Grades 2 can be a great app to have to make sure you keep on track of your studies. The ads are non-intrusive, but the app itself is definitely worth the dollar if you've still got a ways to go in your academics.

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