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QuickAdvice: Stripe Your Photos With StripeCam

QuickAdvice: Stripe Your Photos With StripeCam

April 18, 2011
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StripeCam ($0.99) by Tandem Systems lets you turn your photos into colorful striped, partly striped, or plaid pictures. Create your own wallpapers and more. StripeCam is a fun app that makes a great addition to any iPhoneographer’s bag of tricks.

StripeCam by Tandem Systems screenshot

Open up the app and either take a photo in-app or choose one from your photo library. Tap “Stripe Effect” to choose how you want to stripe your photo. First, pick which part of the image you want to stripe. You can stripe the whole photo, the top part, the bottom part, the left side, or the right side. Use the slider to determine how much of of the photo will be striped.

Next, choose the Stripe Type: vertical, horizontal, or my personal favorite: plaid! Again, you can use the slider to determine which colors in the photo will be emphasized in the end result. When you have striped your photo just right, tap the down arrow icon to save your creation.

Tap Settings to choose the image size: Preview, 800x600, 1600x1200, or Full. Here you can also turn the stripe position slider off and on. I recommend turning it on, so that you have full control over the striping. Here in Settings you can also choose when to save photos you’ve taken in-app (by Save or by Shoot), turn the grid on or off in camera view, and whether you want the app to start up on Camera mode or not.

For best results, choose a colorful photo. I first tried this out with a really pretty flower photo, but with only three colors in the photo (purple flowers, yellow centers, and green leaves) the results were just ok. I was much happier with end results using this photo of many colorful flowers.

This app is definitely a one-trick pony, but it does what it does very nicely. If this is your area of interest, don’t hesitate to spend the buck to get it. If you’re an Instagram fan, you’ll notice this app is gaining popularity there. It mixes well with other fun photography apps to create something unique.

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