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Get Things Done Quickly With Do

Get Things Done Quickly With Do

April 7, 2011
Do - Task Manager (with Dropbox support) by Glenn Chiu iconDo - Task Manager (with Dropbox support) ($1.99) by Glenn Chiu is an elegant and simple task management app. It was designed with speed in mind by allowing users to create the quickest task input, which increase your productivity. The app also has a clean interface and includes many features. A common issue with the abundance of task management apps is complicated user interfaces. Nothing can be more frustrating than spending money on an app that is too complicated to use practically. Fortunately, this is certainly not a problem for Do.  
Do - Task Manager (with Dropbox support) by Glenn Chiu screenshotUsers can add tasks from any given point in the app, even with your preferred date and priority already set. Even though this is a task management app, users can create separate projects and assign specific tasks within each other, and there are numerous options for filtering your task by context, tag, priority and due date. Another important feature is stability and security. Do uses an SQLite database, which ensures high performance while also providing excellent stability and security. This is very important for many of us and should not be taken for granted. Since categorizing your task can always be useful, Do allows users to Create custom contexts and tags and add them to your tasks as well as set icon badges. Badges will show all uncompleted tasks, high priority tasks, today's tasks and overdue tasks. Do offers various ways to share your tasks and back them up. Not only can you email and SMS your tasks, but you can share them via Twitter and Facebook. In addition, you will also find support for Dropbox synchronizationwhich is a great feature many other apps are starting to take advantage of en masse. Overall, Do lives up to what it claims to be: a simple and useful task management app. With a clean interface and multiple features, you’re sure to be productive using Do.  

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