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RockMelt Combines Social Networking And Web Browsing On The iPhone

RockMelt Combines Social Networking And Web Browsing On The iPhone

April 24, 2011
A Web browser with social networking features called RockMelt has hit the App Store this week. If you are a social-networking junkie who wants an app that will send you quick and easy notifications of your social network of choice, RockMelt may be the app for you. If you want to browse and share photos, videos, or Tweets, RockMelt may also fit your needs nicely. There are a lot of features and advantages that RockMelt offers in regards to news feeds and social networks. The app also allows you to quickly sync with the desktop version for the Mac or PC. You will be able to switch between devices and the feeds will follow whichever device you are using. RockMelt was originally created using the open source Chromium engine, according to MacStories. This iPhone version is different from the desktop RockMelt in a number of ways. The desktop version is more in the line of a standard browser with a vertical sidebar full of social media updates, while this version for the iPhone is pretty much made for instant access to social media feeds or news feeds. The browser is, however, quite fast and allows you to add bookmarks as well. I also like the "view later" feature that allows you to skip content and revisit it at a later time. The ability to upload images without having to use separate apps is another great bonus of this browser. One of RockMelt's main goals is to make the Web experience more hassle-free by taking out manual typing of urls into browsers from the iPhone (every time you want to log into a social network). If you are big on social media, adding content without having to own many separate apps, and enjoy quick feeds from various news outlets, check the app out. RockMelt is integrated with pretty much all the latest social networks and will give you instant access to the feeds available from your accounts. It also integrates the standard browsing experience with social-networking content. Here is a list of some of the features from the app description you can expect:
★ Notifications the moment your Facebook, Twitter, and other favorite sites have new updates ★ See photos, videos, and links effortlessly ★ Facebook: See your news feed and notifications and like and comment on anything ★ Twitter: See your mentions, reply and retweet to tweets in your stream ★ Other sites: Add your own custom sites to get instant updates SHARE ★ Quickly share any links, photos, or videos to your Facebook and Twitter SAVE TO VIEW LATER ★ Don't have time now? Save any content - links, photos, comments, videos - to read later ★ Items saved to View Later will also be available on your RockMelt for PC and Mac SYNC ★ Favorite sites, bookmarks, and View Later items are all synced with RockMelt on your computer ★ Even the number of unread items for your favorite sites are synced ★ Any changes you make on your iPhone will automatically be updated on your computer (and vice versa)
RockMelt (free) is available for free on the App Store.

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