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Speedbump Studios Postpones Dream.scape Due To Technical Issues

Speedbump Studios Postpones Dream.scape Due To Technical Issues

April 30, 2011
Some of you may recall the recently announced game Dream.scape. The game had a lot of hype behind it due to being only one of a handful of games being created with Epic's Unreal engine. It was actually presented as more of a narrative experience with horror or scary elements than a traditional game. The visuals from the game's trailer and screenshots were incredibly stunning and showcased graphics similar to Epic Citadel (free) -- also seemingly running in full 3D and with free-roaming gameplay. The game-world looked very detailed and intriguing; and this helped to hype Dream.scape up as the next major release to stun gamers visually on iOS. However, all (or at least most) good things usually have a hurdle to get through as is the case with Dream.scape. The game is possibly too advanced for the iDevices in their current iteration outside the iPhone 4 and iPad 2. According to recent news, the game has been postponed in order for the developers to be able to get it to run on older devices without crashing. Speedbump Studios' website explains the situation and adds hope for the game to be even better with the delay:
"After a lot of hair-pulling sleepless nights, the decision has been made to temporarily postpone the release or dream.scape in order to make it compatible with as many of your devices as possible... It also means that dream.scape will be an even more engrossing experience, because we are adding all new game elements, challenges and creatures."
According to TouchArcade, the culprit is a memory bug that causes the game to crash during a built-up moment. However, the developer/creator behind the project apparently got the nod from Apple allowing him to release a version compatible only with the newest devices. Whether he will be able to fix the memory issue or release it as it is remains to be seen.

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