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Square-Enix Unveils Teaser Of Upcoming Game

Square-Enix Unveils Teaser Of Upcoming Game

April 16, 2011
Out of the blue and without any announcement to the press, Square-Enix has created a teaser webpage for a mysterious, upcoming game and it's headed for the App Store in the future. The teaser page is written in a mixture of English and French; the translated French, states something to the effect of: "The world is fake, dreams of the night are truth," as TouchArcade reported. Judging by the character animation, the game will probably be an RPG with pet creatures to take on the journey. TouchArcade hinted (or hopes) at a possible 'The World Ends With You" game or one similar to the Nintendo DS hit. The male in the teaser page wears a modern-looking suit so it would make sense. The female, on the other hand, looks very anime-like. The words "world," and "hearts" are also used on the page. According to RPGFan, the game won't be a port of any sort, but a completely new game. Right now speculation is rampant; it could be a new Voice Fantasy ($2.99) for all we know. With sales of the recent premium priced Final Fantasy 3 ($15.99) on the iPhone doing well, judging by the top grossing charts where it dropped to number 36 (as of this writing), lets hope Square-Enix creates some great new content for the platform.

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