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Stitch Pictures Together With Halfcamera

Stitch Pictures Together With Halfcamera

April 22, 2011
HalfCamera by B1VISUALEFFECTS Co.,Ltd icon

HalfCamera ($0.99) by B1VISUALEFFECTS Co.,Ltd is a new photography app that is making a name for itself. It has been featured in Apple’s New and Noteworthy section of iTunes and is gathering the attention of many. The app offers an interesting feature that allows users to seam together two photos side-by-side as one picture.

HalfCamera by B1VISUALEFFECTS Co.,Ltd screenshot

The app starts off just like any photography app, by taking a picture. Before the pictures are saved to your devices actual camera roll, they are stored temporarily in the apps own “roll.” Be careful though, because the roll only holds 12 pictures. I don’t understand the purpose of this, even though film is really before my time, I know film rolls did come in larger quantities than 12. Once you’ve gathered a few good pictures and are ready to stitch them together, you move into the processing section. From here you can choose any two pictures to put together. Users also have the option of applying an effect to each half. You can mix and match the effects, the same one does not have to be applied to both sides.

Though most of us enjoy changing and tinkering with our photos after we’ve taken them, the app does allow you to set an effect to automatically be taken with any picture. However, the viewfinder will still remain untouched and will not show any effects.

Sharing is made easy with Facebook and Twitter integration built right into the app. However, there is no support for email or SMS. With that said, the interface for sharing is also a bit unorganized and difficult to organize. In the future maybe an update will improve this.

Overall, the app is interesting and has potential to be a lot of fun. However, as a full-fledged camera and editing app it lacks a lot, and there are many better apps out there. If you’re a photography nut and you’ve been looking for something to make half pictures, this is the app for you. Otherwise, it’s probably best to pass on this one.

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