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Store All Of Your Business Cards With ABBYY Business Card Reader

Store All Of Your Business Cards With ABBYY Business Card Reader

April 8, 2011
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ABBYY Business Card Reader ($4.99) by ABBYY is an automated business card capture app. It utilizes the iPhone's camera for taking information straight from a picture of a business card. The information is stored directly into the Contacts app, and even saves a picture of the card in the apps “card holder.” Card Holder is a special archive within the app that not only stores images of all the cards but also highlights important information. This allows users to click a highlighted field and open the corresponding information whether it is a phone number, web address, email etc. Within the cardholder, an assigned field sorts the cards.

ABBYY Business Card Reader by ABBYY screenshot

Business cards have been around for decades and are nothing new, but it is nice to see developers combining today’s technology with old marketing techniques. While the future of business cards will probably become something completely digital that will be transferred instantly between devices, this makes an excellent in-between.

The app supports business cards in 20 different languages. However, I found that when trying to read a custom font that isn’t very standard, the app encounters difficulty. Otherwise, the app works very nicely, and it detects which type of field the information is and automatically places it in its appropriate corresponding field in Contacts.

All of the fields are adjustable before saving them to your contacts. There is a built in feature that allows users to search for the company via Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin.

Overall ABBYY Business Card Reader is an excellent tool to document business cards and keep record of all the valuable information they contain.

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