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Turn Your Photos To 3D Masterpieces With 3D Converter HD

Turn Your Photos To 3D Masterpieces With 3D Converter HD

April 12, 2011
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3D Converter HD ($1.99) by AR Vision Inc. is a user-friendly, simple 3D converter that gives you the ability to pinpoint exact portions of a photo you wish to convert. It's easy, and if you have stunning, high quality photos on your camera roll, you will no doubt enjoy the finished products.

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3D Converter HD is unique because you custom choose the areas of your photo you wish to convert to 3D. Upload a picture from your camera roll (this is the only option for importing pictures for now), then decide which part(s) of the picture you want to enhance. Once you've decided, choose your brush size and "finger paint" over the areas you want to convert - select the whole picture if you wish. Once you're done, you select the "3D" option and there you have it.

The finished product looks pretty good with the naked eye, but I couldn't help wishing I had a pair of 3D theater glasses.

Once you're finished converting selected areas to 3D, you have several options for saving: save a color anaglyph, a gray anaglyph, save the before and after photos side-by-side or export the final product to Facebook.

3D Converter HD isn't feature-rich, but it does what it says it will, but I would like to see more options added soon. These are a few specific additions I'd appreciate: it would be nice to have the option to snap pictures from within the app, crop pictures, and have the ability to select an entire photo without having to finger paint the whole thing. The current version is good start, but I'm hoping there will be more to talk about in the future when this app adds more features.

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