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Six Weeks Later, iPad 2 "Resellers" Remain Outside Apple Retail Stores

Six Weeks Later, iPad 2 "Resellers" Remain Outside Apple Retail Stores

April 19, 2011
According to news first reported in The New York Times, iPad 2 resellers are still camping out around New York Apple Retail Stores, nearly six weeks after the tablet’s debut. These resellers, reportedly from China, buy the iDevice and then sell them in the U.S. for a profit or ship them back to where they were made. While earlier reports focused on the resellers outside Apple’s famed Fifth Avenue store, the latest comes from its SoHo store. According to the Times:
The people I saw waiting outside the SoHo store mostly refused to answer questions about what they were doing. But one man, who looked to be around 40 years old and declined to share his name, said he could make up to $400 a day by purchasing and reselling the iPad 2. As I reported last year, this is more money than many Chinese immigrants make in a week.
Of course, there doesn’t seem to be anything that can be done about these “resellers,” besides trying to get in line ahead of them, or buying an iPad 2 online or somewhere else. What do you think? Leave your comments below.

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