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AlphaTots Lets Your Kids Learn Their Letters Through Play

AlphaTots Lets Your Kids Learn Their Letters Through Play

May 20, 2011
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AlphaTots™ ($2.99) by Spinlight Studio won the hearts of my kids instantly. They recognized the airplane from Spinlight's TallyTots and my 3 year old shouted, "Airplane!" and could not wait to start exploring the alphabet AlphaTots style.

AlphaTots™ by Spinlight Studio screenshot

One thing I have noticed from thoroughly exploring Spinlight's apps is that they pay great attention to educational value and understand that tots learn best through play. Their interfaces are always clean, attractive and intuitive and easy for little ones to figure out. AlphaTots is no exception.

Once your little one opens the app they will see the entire alphabet. They can switch between upper case and lower case. If they touch a letter, they will see the letter flown across the screen, hear its name and sound pronounced, then be presented with a mini activity to complete that coincides with the letter.

The app is narrated by a pleasant, motherly woman and the sound is crisp and clear. Much more professional sounding than dozens of other children's apps I have reviewed. Thank you, Spinlight for not cutting costs on sound! The alphabet song is also included.

My one complaint is that some of the activities could coincide with the letters just a bit more. I understand that it is difficult to think of interactive games that illustrate a letter sound, but a few of them seem like just a bit of a stretch.

We have had this app on our iPad for about a week and a half now and my kids still can't get enough of it. My one and three year old are starting to remember which activity goes with which letter and will purposely pick letters based on the game associated with it.

Although my tots already know their letters and letter sounds, this app has been a wonderful reinforcement and I highly recommend that parents of little ones consider purchasing it.

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