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Aralon Gets A 50% Price Cut And Saving To The Cloud

Aralon Gets A 50% Price Cut And Saving To The Cloud

May 13, 2011
Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD has just been updated to version 3.02, and along with this awesome update the price has been slashed to the lowest it has ever been. At $4.99 it is a no brainer to pick up Aralon if you have even a hint of interest in role playing games. The update is a huge deal because it adds the much awaited cloud saving option that will allow you to play on the iPhone, iPod touch or iPad -- and continue the same saved game between the different iDevices. To get the most out of this game it is recommended that you use an iPad or a fourth generation iDevice. Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD is a Crescent Moon developed game based on an open world with sandbox gameplay. If you ever played PC role playing games -- like any of the newer Elder Scrolls series or the Gothic series -- you should know what to expect. The game allows you to pick and customize a character based on various skill sets, races, and other attributes. Then it lets you explore a vast world with many different quests to choose from, and a main storyline to follow if you choose to. The complaints about the game since its release have been bugs and the price point. With this recent update, and others since release, bugs have been squashed, and the price is just right for those gamers on the edge of purchase, or new to the genre. Now with cloud saving, Aralon becomes the first game (if there is another such game let us know) to offer such saving integration between different iDevices. Some other aspects and features of the game to consider, if you are still on the fence, is that the game offers over 30 hours of gameplay. There is a full night and day cycle, dungeons. mines and caves to explore, full dynamic 3D environments, three races and four classes to choose from, and many other features. The game is definitely recommended for long play sessions, and with this update, now is the time to dig into this massive adventure. You can grab the universal Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD from the App Store right now for $4.99.

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