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Are You Up For Going Down?

Are You Up For Going Down?

May 4, 2011
Going Down! by Beaver Bay Studio iconGoing Down! ($0.99) by Beaver Bay Studio is a cross genre game that includes racing and downhill elements. It features 60 levels through six different worlds, and has dozens of achievements.   
Going Down! by Beaver Bay Studio screenshotAs the number of games available for mobile devices has skyrocketed, there has been a general trend towards games containing less and less content. This model makes sense from both the developer and consumer's standpoint. For $.99 you can’t put a lot of effort into a game, and most users go through games like Kate Gosselin through hairdos; they aren’t usually interested in deep games anyway.  Beaver Bay Studio, the developer, broke the mold somewhat with Going Down by building a game that is much more involved than first meets the eye. I first thought the goal was just to go down hills using well timed jumps and an occasional trick to make it to the finish line within the allotted time; kind of like Tiny Wings. Oh, how I was wrong. Along with a multifaceted game, you also get a well developed story line and the opportunity to upgrade your cart with over 100 parts. Each level has a different goal, ranging from time constraints to avoiding tumbling, evil snowballs. The trick element is critical to not only passing levels, but also unlocking new parts. Tricks are also unlocked as the games goes along. The basic premise is that you have traveled back in time using a time machine. Now you have to face different terrain and obstacles in the past just to stay alive. In one world you are fighting off the freezing cold with a Flintstone cart Superman trick, and in the next you are shooting targets amid the downhill tumble. The graphics are great and the music is surprisingly charming. However, all of this isn’t to say that this game is entirely fun and not head-bangingly frustrating. There is a brief tutorial in the beginning, but many of the modes and features you have to figure out yourself. Most levels are unrealistically difficult, assuming that you figure out exactly what you are supposed to do in the first place. Going Down is the complete package. From the graphics to the game modes and storyline, there is much more here than most contemporary titles. However, the frustrating and oft times confusing game play distracts and takes away from what Going Down really could be.  

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