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Breathe Easy Interrogators, Interview Assistant Is Here For You

Breathe Easy Interrogators, Interview Assistant Is Here For You

May 31, 2011
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Interview Assistant ($4.99) by Intersog is an app designed to help journalists, management or students prepare, present and organize interview sessions. It includes preset questions, a recorder, calendar, and more to help in the process.

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We aren’t that far removed from the days when an interviewer would need, at minimum, a recording device, pen and paper, and a list of questions (if not an actual prompter). In more recent years, an iPhone user with the right apps can utilize all of those tools and more in an even more organized fashion.

Interview Assistant surely isn’t the first app that has offered these features, but it is one of the latest and most promising. The first impression is the beauty and simplicity presented with a sharp looking rendered clipboard and consistent interface.

There are only four buttons at the bottom to navigate with: Categories, Create, Interviews and Calendar. Categories allows you to add to the fairly large sized library of questions organized by type. Create is where you note the name of the interviewee, select the questions and then actually record the information from the answers given. At the end of the interview you are also asked to rate the session.

Every session is saved and stored in the Interviews section where you can go back to, or even email the information. The Calendar is provided to allow a quick glance at when the sessions took place.

Everything works as advertised and strikes a nice balance between simplicity and utility. If I had one small gripe it would be the lack of options. For example, candidates are often interviewed multiple times so it would be nice to create a profile for each person interviewed in case the same person needed to be questioned again.

Interview Assistant isn’t the first app of its kind, but the ease of use and features put it up there with the best of them. If you find yourself asking questions in an organized manner with any sort of frequency, this app is a should buy.

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