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Save The Night From Bad Dreams In Bubbledreams

Save The Night From Bad Dreams In Bubbledreams

May 31, 2011
Bubble Dreams by Superfunplay icon

Bubble Dreams ($0.99) by Superfunplay is a cute matching game where you attempt to give a sleeping child a good night’s sleep. The game has superb graphics that enhance user’s gaming experience. It is a great game to pickup and go with simple controls and entertaining gameplay.

Bubble Dreams by Superfunplay screenshot

Floating bubbles are shown on the screen and it is your job to correctly pair them to prevent nightmares. Bubbles have a color and an object inside them for you to easily distinguish between the different kinds. The different types of bubbles are also displayed at the top of the screen.

To pair bubbles, simply tap on the first bubble and then tap on the second. Then they will float together and pop. Gain points by pairing two of the same bubbles. Bonus points are earned by capturing more than two of a kind in one pair (by having the bubbles pass through others of the same kind before they pair), and by clearing all the bubbles from the screen.

You cannot pair two of the wrong bubbles by selecting them. Nightmares are created when a bubble you select collides with a bubble of another kind on its way to pair. If this happens a nightmare bubble (with an evil face) is created. If too many nightmare bubbles are created, the child in the background has a bad dream, and you will carry that on your conscious forever!

As you pair bubbles, you can monitor your progress with the moon shown in the top right corner of the screen. When he turns into a sun the level is over. Points are totaled at the end of each level. The game does not support either GameCenter or OpenFeint.

Each level gets progressively harder with less room for mistakes. This keeps the game challenging. I really enjoyed Bubble Dreams, it’s definitely a game worth trying.

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