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Creatively Manage Your Finances With BudgetBook

Creatively Manage Your Finances With BudgetBook

May 2, 2011
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BudgetBook ($2.99) by noidentity gmbh is an app that will help you manage your monthly income and financial goals by using a simple budgeting process. Do you ever get to the end of the month and wonder what the heck happened to all of your money? This app will help you figure it out.

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BudgetBook has some nice features and it is very easy to use. The first step is to set up your main budget. The main budget includes all of your spending categories. So, if your overall monthly budget is $2,500, you will begin with this figure. From there, you can specify individual budget categories such as Food, Travel, Pets, Hobbies and more. You can even add custom categories.

Then, you can setup your individual accounts such as checking or savings, and enter the total beginning balance. Once this is complete, you will continue to track your entire monthly expenses and transactions. As you enter these amounts, BudgetBook will automatically track the figures against your budget. There are some nice visual aids that show you the statistics on your accounts, and how much of your current budget is remaining.

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This app is a nice tool for anyone, especially in times where every penny counts. The more we realize where we are spending our money, the more we can make adjustments to help with our priorities.

This would also be a great app to help teach kids about budgeting. You could setup a savings account for them, and let them decide what to spend their money on. Kids can then see how dollars have been spent over the past month. If you really wanted to get creative, you could use play money as a practical learning tool.

BudgetBook is visually attractive and very easy to use. This app packs a punch when it comes to all the available features. Once I got everything setup and running, I was anxious to go back and put in my new expenses.

If you struggle to stay on track financially, try BudgetBook. This may be an inexpensive and helpful solution.

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